Quality Assurance & Traceability

Quality Assurance

Trinity GmbH Quality assurance therefore has its own quality service that ensures an up-to-date and well-implemented quality policy on the basis of the International Featured Standards (IFS) guidelines. Our products are analysed for chemical composition several times a day by means of our own food analysis system. In addition, our products are regularly chemically and microbiologically tested by an independent, certified laboratory. By regularly evaluating ourselves and our suppliers, we ensure that our quality standards remain high.


Due to the high demands placed on food producers, we introduced an advanced ERP software package for the food industry in 2008. This system guarantees, among other things, the traceability of our products, because all business processes and weighing/scanning systems are integrated and connected. By means of barcodes with batch numbers and unique pallet and bin numbers, the raw materials and end products can be traced at any time, both forwards and backwards.

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