Trinity Meat

Quality Assurance & Traceability

Our goal is to supply our customers with safe products that are superior in quality and consistency.

Trinity GmbH therefore has it’s own QA department that cares for an up-to-date and well-established  QA policy, based on IFS regulations. Quality checks are performed throughout the production process, starting with raw materials delivery and ending with shipping the finished products. Our products are analyzed for chemical characteristics multiple times a day, by means of our own food analyzing equipment. Moreover our products are tested for chemical and biological characteristics regularly. These tests are performed by an independent, certified laboratory. Through evaluating ourselves and our suppliers on a regular basis, we make sure that our quality standards remain high.

Also because of the strict regulations that are imposed on foodstuff producers, we have implemented a sophisticated ERP-system for the food industry in 2008. This system i.a. guarantees the traceability of our products, because all processes and weighing/scan systems are integrated and interconnected. By means of barcodes with batchnumbers and unique pallet- or bin numbers, our raw materials and finished products can be traced at any moment, both forwards and backwards.

Trinity GmbH