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Trinity GmbH specialises in the processing of poultry meat. In our modern factory, we process around 2000 tonnes of meat every week. The largest part consists of 3 mm baader meat and 1 mm MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat), which can be supplied in various (packaging) variants as desired: fresh in trays or crates, plate-frozen, frozen in a block or frozen in cartons of different sizes. In addition to the above, Trinity GmbH is strong in tailor-made machining and packaging of technical parts and organs. Small packages with very precise weight determination are possible and extensive product specifications are available on request.

MSM 1 Millimetre

Chicken / Turkey / Duck / Goose / Guinea Fowl

is available in different variants 8% Fat / 12% Fat / 15% / 18% Fat. Trinity also makes a distinction in terms of calcium. a max 1,500 mg calcium per kg or max 1,000 mg calcium per kg. Because Trinity uses pre-made recipes, continuity in quality is guaranteed.

Chemical composition
Fat content: 8%/12%/ 15%/18%/20%
Protein: 16%/20%
Colour: Typical chicken meat, Rosé red
Packaging: Naked blocks/polyblock/10 kg/20 kg carton
Application: Hot dogs/sausages/frikandels/Luncheon Meat


MSM 3 Millimetre

Chicken / Turkey

Millimetre Meat or Minced Baader Meat is produced using special machines designed to reduce meat cuts at low pressure, thereby preserving the structure of the meat. And it can be declared as meat. This is characterised by a low calcium content and a lighter colour meat. Because different meat parts are used as raw material, the choice for the customer is a white or rosé coloured end product.

Chemical composition
Fat content: 10% / 12% / 25%
Protein: 16% / 18% / 20%
Colour: Typical chicken & turkey meat, Rosé
Colour: Typical chicken & turkey meat, White
Packaging: Naked blocks/polyblock/10 kg carton/20 kg carton
Application: Nuggets/Burgers/Breaded frying snacks

Chicken fat

Trinity produces high-quality chicken/turkey/duck and goose fat at the production location in Gildehaus Bad Bentheim. Due to the innovative and high-quality production process, this is suitable for human consumption. And therefore widely used Chemical composition

Lean chick/turkey (breast) skin

This product is produced in the same way and reduced to 1 millimetre just like mechanically separated meat. However, Trinity is able to reduce the fat content to 8% through specially developed machines. Normally, raw breast skins have between 45 and 50% fat. In short, an ideal product to use as a flavour additive without adding too much fat.

Chemical composition
Fat content: 8%
Protein: 15%
Kleur: White
Colour: Typical chicken & turkey meat
Packaging: 10kg polyblock or 10kg / 20kg carton frozen
Detail: Can be used for heated products

Technical parts Chicken and Turkey


Packing forms: 10kg cardboard

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