Trinity Meat

Welcome to Trinity

The Trinity GmbH production process starts with selecting reliable, certified suppliers for our raw materials and products.
Our international network of suppliers guarantees a constant supply of raw materials and products, both qualitative and quantitative. As a result of constantly tuning our daily supplies, we make sure that the period for raw materials storage is reduced to a minimum.
Our suppliers are regularly assessed by our QA department.

With the help of modern weighing-equipment and sophisticated ERP-software, all the goods that are delivered to us are weighed, labelled and registered according to the regulations. Subsequently the raw materials and products are stored at the appropriate conditions for cooling or freezing. During the production process our products are analysed based on various parameters. All raw materials are linked to the different production batches by means of labels with barcodes and RF scanning.

After production we have several ways of deep-freezing our products: CO2-platefreezers or shockfreezing tunnels. Both methods guarantee fast deep freezing to a temperature of -20 degrees celcius. Our temperature management is fully computerized.
Finally our products are stored in our own coldstore, which has a 5000 tonnes capacity.
The former makes up a closed cooling/freezing chain that contributes to the high quality of our products.