Trinity Meat

Masters in poultry processing

Trinity Meat

Masters in poultry processing

Welcome to Trinity

The Trinity GmbH production process starts with selecting reliable, certified suppliers for our raw materials and products.
Our international network of suppliers guarantees a constant supply of raw materials and products, both qualitative and quantitative. As a result of constantly tuning our daily supplies, we make sure that the period for raw materials storage is reduced to a minimum.
Our suppliers are regularly assessed by our QA department.

With the help of modern weighing-equipment and sophisticated ERP-software, all the goods that are delivered to us are weighed, labelled and registered according to the regulations. Subsequently the raw materials and products are stored at the appropriate conditions for cooling or freezing. During the production process our products are analysed based on various parameters. All raw materials are linked to the different production batches by means of labels with barcodes and RF scanning.

After production we have several ways of deep-freezing our products: CO2-platefreezers or shockfreezing tunnels. Both methods guarantee fast deep freezing to a temperature of -20 degrees celcius. Our temperature management is fully computerized.
Finally our products are stored in our own coldstore, which has a 5000 tonnes capacity.

The former makes up a closed cooling/freezing chain that contributes to the high quality of our products.

Our Products

Mechanically separated meat 1mm

Reduced chicken breast skins with low percentage fat.

Mechanically separated meat 3mm

Mechanically boned chicken meat with a fine structure/with a coarse 3 mm structure.

Low fat chicken breast skins

Reduced chicken breast skins with low percentage fat.


High-quality chicken fat with a low free fatty acid content.


Application of products

All over the world, refined chicken meat 1 or 3 millimetres is seen as a raw material (semi- finished product) and serves as the basis for the production of various meat products. Think of hot dogs, sausages, luncheon meat, hamburgers, nuggets, frikandellen, mortadella, salami and meatballs. In addition, the fat from Chicken, Duck, Goose or Turkey can be widely used as flavour enhancers in soups, broths, sauces, salads or even as oil for frying. In addition to humane consumption, given the humanisation trend in the world, fat is also a frequently used product in the pet food sector.

Sausage products

Battered chicken products

Minced meat hotdog

Chicken nuggets


Our productionprocess

By using high-quality new production processes, Trinity is one of the most important links between farmer and consumer. Raw materials for our production are strictly tested visually as well as microbiologically upon arrival. This to be able to continue to offer a fixed and also high quality.

Quality & Hygiene

High quality at a competitive price.


Trinity is tevens al sinds jaren IFS higher level gecertificeerd.  IFS staat voor International Food Standard en is dé standaard op het gebied van voedselveiligheid die werd opgesteld door HDE. Daarnaast is Trinity ook Halal en GMP+ gecertificeerd.

Logistics & Export

Doordat wij gebruik maken van onze IFS gecertificeerde huis transporteur of externe transporteur is Trinity in de gelegenheid om wereldwijd het product op de juiste tijd en plaats onder de juiste bewaarcondities te kunnen leveren.


Trinity has an export team which, thanks to its many years of experience, delivers outstanding performance when it comes to just-in-time deliveries. Whether it’s 1,000 kg or 400,000 kg. When it’s produced they get it to the customer.


Trinity has its own in-house quality service that ensures an up-to-date and well-implemented quality policy based on the International Food Standard (higher level 1.2).

Quality checks are performed daily at fixed critical points throughout the entire business process, from raw material delivery to final product shipment. In addition, the products made are analysed for chemical composition several times a day by means of an in-house Foss Food Scan system. In addition, the products are evaluated on a microbiological and chemical basis every week by an external laboratory. So that quality remains guaranteed.

IFS Higher level


Suppliers Declaration of Origin

20+ years of experience
High quality
Flexible delivery times
Big volumes

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